Storms and floods in June 2021 had a significant impact on communities across Victoria.
Planning approvals to rebuild have been streamlined to support communities to recover.

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Streamlined planning rebuilding approvals

On 5 October 2021, Amendment VC208 amended clause 52.10 of all planning schemes to streamline planning requirements and the application process to support the reconstruction of dwellings and re-establishment of businesses and services following the June 2021 storms and floods.

What is clause 52.10?

Clause 52.10 is a planning scheme provision to help landowners reconstruct homes and other buildings damaged or destroyed as a result of an emergency (including the June 2021 storms and floods) and help re-establish businesses and services.

How does clause 52.10 help?

Clause 52.10 has been introduced to speed up the planning permit application process and provide more certainty in the rebuilding process.

Clause 52.10 exempts some planning requirements for dwellings and streamlines the planning permit application process.

Clause 52.10 includes two types of exemption:

  • a dwelling use exemption that, subject to meeting certain conditions, turns off some planning requirements related to the use of land for a dwelling, but you may still need a permit to rebuild your home
  • a notice and review exemption that applies to a planning permit application to rebuild a dwelling or rebuild a business damaged by a storm or flood after 1 January 2019.

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Fact sheet

A detailed explanation of what clause 52.10 provides and some frequently asked questions are in the following document:

What else is being done?

The Victorian Government is assessing and prioritising its efforts to ensure that impacted communities can be supported to rebuild as quickly as possible, which is critical for their recovery. Safety and access to properties are still key challenges, given a number of properties are damaged and there are fallen and hazardous trees.

The government’s emergency response to support local recovery from the storm and flood events is coordinated by Bushfire Recovery Victoria.

Learn more at Bushfire Recovery Victoria

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