Open space plays an important role in our society by providing places for exercise, quiet reflection, children's play and organised sport. As our communities grow and change, greater attention needs to be placed on planning our open spaces to ensure that they meet our current and future needs.

To improve open space planning, two resources were prepared. These resources help the reader to better understand the strategic approach to planning open space and examines how existing open space can be managed more effectively. The tools also highlight the importance of innovation in open space delivery.

Practice Note 70 - Open Space Strategies

An open space strategy is a strategic approach for planning the current and future uses of open space within a municipality. Practice note 70 provides guidance to councils on how to prepare an open space strategy. The note includes reasons for preparing an open space strategy and the possible input and outputs.

Creating Liveable Open Space - Case Studies

Showcasing a number of innovative approaches to deliver new open space assets, these case studies demonstrate how open space can be reclaimed from existing roadways, quarries and drainage reserves. It also includes examples of new ways of working in partnership across government and with local communities.

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