Assessing a Future Home Application 

A Future Homes application will undergo a rigorous pre-application phase to enable a streamlined planning approval stage.

In the pre-application Phase the Future Homes exemplar designs: Adaptation Guide will be utilised. Once an application is submitted to Council, it will be assessed under Clause 51.xx-1 of the relevant planning scheme. The Future Homes exemplar designs: Adaptation Guide align with the provisions of Clause 51.xx-1.

Future Homes exemplar designs Adaptation guide

The guide aims to ensure adapted designs fulfil the intent and ambitions of the Future Homes program. The guide:

  • guides designers to prepare a Future Homes design that is high quality and respects the program’s objectives and principles
  • helps decision-makers including the design adaptation panel to understand what are acceptable approaches, outcomes and variations for a Future Homes design
  • provides best-practice approach to apartment design in a suburban context for those who are interested to improving the quality of residential development in Victoria
  • gives the community clarity and confidence about what a Future Homes design might look like and what it can achieve.

Adaptation guide comprises 2 parts:

sets out the 8 objectives that a Future Homes seeks to achieve. It also provides the principles, the criteria a Future Homes development will be assessed against.

provides general adaptation guidance for each of the exemplar designs. It provides specific approaches to adapting for a particular site and context by illustrating how a designer can manage common design challenges.

The DELWP, the DAP and Council will assess applications against Part 1 of the guidelines. DELWP and Council will also assess application against Clause 51.xx-1 of the relevant planning scheme.

The applicant and their appointed suitably qualified person will utilise Part 2 when adapting the plans.

Page last updated: 28/10/22