The planning approval process

A brand-new streamlined planning process has been created to facilitate all Future Homes adaptations. When you purchase a Future Homes design you will automatically be granted access to this new process.

There are four phases in the approval process:

Apartment cross-section sketch by BoardGrove Architects

Phase 1: Project initiation

The applicant determines the timing of this phase.

In this phase, the applicant:

  • selects a design and pays for its use (after undertaking due diligence)
  • adapts the design to their site
  • attends a ‘design direction review meeting’ with DELWP and OVGA (council is also invited).

Phase 2: Referrals

The timing of this phase is approximately 21 business days.

In this phase:

The applicant undertakes pre-application referral to DELWP and other authorities as required, for example Melbourne Water and Transport for Victoria

DELWP will:

  • assess the adaptation against the Building Future Homes: Adaptation guide and the Future Homes provision at Clause 51 of the local planning scheme
  • coordinate feedback from OVGA and council on the adaptation
  • provide consolidated comments to the applicant
  • hold a prescheduled referral meeting with the applicant, OVGA and council to resolve any outstanding matters.

The applicant will then submit revised plans to DELWP, if required. DELWP will review the revised plans and issue formal referral advice that will accompany any planning permit application. If the site is within a flood overlay additional time may be required for Melbourne Water to respond.

Phase 3: Application lodgement

The timing of this phase is up to 56 calendar/statutory days.

In this phase, the applicant submits the adapted design and associated supporting material, including DELWP’s referral advice, to the relevant council as the responsible authority. All major planning and design matters will have already been resolved through Phase 2.

Once the application is lodged, council will undertake:

  • usual planning application checks
  • formal notification.

In its notification letter council will identify that any received submissions can only be considered against the requirements of the Future Homes particular provision and that third party appeal rights are not applicable.

Phase 4: Decision

The timing of this phase is 14-20 business days.

In this phase, council will:

  • undertake formal assessment against the Future Homes provision at Clause 51, including the mandatory provisions
  • consider any submissions received from the formal notification which have not been withdrawn
  • issue a decision under delegation.

The Future Homes at Clause 51 does not include third party appeal rights, therefore once an application is deemed to satisfy the relevant requirements, council can issue a permit.

Post-permit matters

Once a planning permit is issued there may be some additional amendments required by council or by the applicant. The following may apply:

  • Condition One plans: amendments may be required before council can endorse the plans. Council has committed to reviewing plans within 10 business days.
  • Secondary consent: to modify minor details on the plans, council will determine the application. Council has committed to reviewing applications within 10 business days.
  • Amendment to the planning permit (section 72 of the Act): DELWP will be required to review the application as a determining referral. This will be done prior to formal lodgement of the amendment with council. DELWP will review the request within 10 business days.

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Page last updated: 28/10/22