Understand the referral process for Transport for Victoria

If your site is located on a main road, it is likely you will need to refer the application to Transport for Victoria.

Transport for Victoria have partnered with DELWP to facilitate Future Homes by undertaking planning referrals upfront, prior to lodgement with council.

This page provides useful information on the process and expectations from Transport for Victoria.

Preparing your adaption submission

Under delegation from Transport for Victoria (TfV), The Department of Transport (DoT) will:

  • reviewing your adaptation prior to submission
    for more information, see phase 2 in the planning process
  • respond within 10 business days of receipt of a complete application.

This means you will:

  • save time
  • have more certainty
  • require fewer changes later in the process.

To be eligible, you must:

  • include “Future Homes Pilot Project Application” in the email subject field
  • reference Future Homes in any plans or accompanying documentation
  • include information specified under “What to submit to DoT”.

Submit your application via email to Transport for Victoria at statutory.planning@roads.vic.gov.au.

To ensure a referral response within 10 business days, plans submitted must be prepared in accordance with the application and design requirements set out below (where applicable).

Failure to include the items below could result in DoT requesting further information from the permit applicant.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list but provided to assist applicants.

Application requirements

A feature survey plan must be submitted, showing all features of the road including street trees, utility poles, pits, bus stops, line-markings, slip lanes, medium strips and traffic / pedestrian lights in proximity to the site.

Design requirements

Where tram lines exist, access to the property should be confined to left-in and left-out only arrangements.

Crossovers must be set back:

  • at least 1.5 metres (with no part closer than 1.0 metres) from any public transport assets
  • at least 1.0 metres from infrastructure/ utility poles
  • at least 9 metres from an intersection.

Accessways must:

  • Provide a passing area at the entrance at least 6.1 metres wide and 7 metres long where an accessway serves:
    • 10 or more cars and is more than 50 metres long or
    • connects to a road in a Transport Zone 2 (TRZ2).
  • Be designed so that cars can exit the site in a forward direction, if the accessway serves four or more car spaces or connects to a road in a TRZ2.
  • Have a corner splay or area at least 50 per cent clear of visual obstructions extending at least 2 metres along the frontage road from the edge of an exit lane and 2.5 metres along the exit lane from the frontage, to provide a clear view of pedestrians on the footpath of the frontage road. The area clear of visual obstructions may include an adjacent entry or exit lane where more than one lane is provided, or adjacent landscaped areas, provided the landscaping in those areas is less than 900mm in height.
  • Be set back a minimum of 7 metres inside the property boundary for any security boom, barrier, gate, or similar device controlling vehicular access to the premises, to allow vehicles to stay clear of the road pavement and footpath.
  • Provide clear directional signs on the arterial road frontage if one-way access is proposed.
  • If an accessway to four or more car parking spaces is from land in a TRZ2, the access to the car spaces must be at least 6 metres from the road carriageway.
  • If entry to the car space is from a road, the width of the accessway may include the road.

Car parking spaces must be provided in accordance with the dimensions outlined under “Parking: cars” of the “Building Future Homes: Adaptation guide”.

Where car parking is provided in mechanical stackers:

  • at least 25 per cent of the mechanical car parking spaces must accommodate a vehicle height of at least 1.8 metres
  • car parking dimensions and swept paths to mechanical stackers must meet the B99th percentile
  • car parking spaces that require the operation of the system must not be allocated to visitors unless used in a valet parking situation.

Contact us

Contact the Future Homes sales team for enquires relating to purchasing a Future Homes design at futurehomessales@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Contact the Future Homes referral team for all enquires relating to planning and referral matters at futurehomes@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 28/10/22