Pre-development advice Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water have partnered with DELWP to help facilitate Future Homes. Learn more about Melbourne Water’s process and expectations.

It is recommended you contact Melbourne Water before purchasing a design to determine whether an apartment development is appropriate for your site.

Preparing your referral

Future Homes and the streamlined planning process is endorsed by Melbourne water.

Melbourne Water has committed to:

This means you will:

  • have certainty about what changes need to be made to the adaptation
  • require fewer changes later in the process as key matters have already been addressed.

For access to the upfront referral, you must ensure the requirements listed below are accurately shown in your plans.

You must include “Future Homes Pilot Project Application” in the application description field. Plans and any accompanying documentation should also reference Future Homes.

Once you are ready to refer your adaptation to Melbourne Water, you may submit your referral request via the online portal.

View Melbourne Water's Pre-development guide

The following is not an exhaustive list but provided to assist applicants.

  • The boundaries and dimensions of the site.
  • Existing conditions survey and feature plans. Taken by or under the direction and supervision of a licensed land surveyor showing:
    • natural ground level
    • the current Flood Level
    • the dimensions and ground and finished floor levels of any existing buildings, to Australian Height Datum (AHD).
  • Proposed architectural plans, elevations and section drawings (1:50 or 1:20). Showing the proposed finished surface levels and finished floor levels and the Nominated Flood Protection Level (NFPL) of all new structures on the land.
  • All proposed finished floor levels notated on the plans to Australian Height Datum.
  • A comparative description of the existing and proposed use and development of the site.
  • Cross-sectional details of any basement entry ramps and other basement entries to Australian Height Datum. Showing floor levels of entry and exit areas and drainage details.
  • A written assessment against ‘Part Three – assessing development proposals’ of the Guidelines for Development in Flood Affected Areas (DELWP, 2019), and subsequent submission of any associated Flood Risk Management Plan.
  • Any other application requirements specified in a relevant planning Overlay schedule applicable to the site.
  • Appropriate boundary setbacks to allow for the conveyance of overland flows.
  • Detailed location of any Melbourne Water asset (including drains, sewers or water mains) within 20 metres of the subject site.
  • Hydraulic details and associated reporting of all/any existing and proposed earthworks, including details of any cut and fill required for works.
  • Details of any other known physical features that may affect flows on-site and on adjoining land, such as levees, fences and retaining walls.
  • A written description of proposed actions, flood risk mitigation strategies or measures required, if any, to the siting and design of the buildings or works, or in association with the use and occupation of all aspects of the proposal in order to reduce the risk to individuals, property, infrastructure and the environment.

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Contact the Future Homes sales team for enquires relating to purchasing a Future Homes design at

Contact the Future Homes referral team for all enquires relating to planning and referral matters at

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