Strategic Extractive Resource Areas pilot project (SERA)

Securing extractive resources, particularly in areas close to demand for construction, is a key part of delivering Helping Victoria Grow: Extractive Resources Strategy.

The Strategic Extractive Resource Areas (SERA) pilot project aims to ensure quarries can supply raw materials well into the future while avoiding land use conflicts.

In 2018, two Strategic Extractive Resource Areas (SERA) pilot projects were announced. The pilot locations of South Gippsland Shire and Wyndham City were identified as critical resource locations in the Extractive Resources in Victoria: Demand and Supply Study, 2015-2050.

More information can be found at the Strategic Extractive Resource Areas Pilot Project.

VC219 – Extractive Industry Operation

On 22 March 2022, Amendment VC219 introduced changes to all planning schemes in Victoria to support the ongoing operation of extractive industry across Victoria and increase amenity protection for nearby accommodation in rural zones.

The amendment made changes to the Rural Living Zone, Green Wedge Zone, Green Wedge Zone A, Rural Activity Zone, Farming Zone and Rural Conservation Zone, introducing a permit requirement for accommodation and building and works associated with accommodation that is located within 500 metres from the nearest title boundary of land on which a work authority has been applied for or granted under the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990 (MRSD Act).

The Amendment also introduced new referral and notice requirements, and decision guidelines.

Mapping information on work authorities can be found on the VicPlan website.

VicPlan mapping shows property information, including whether a work authority application has been made or approved under the MRSD Act.

These maps can be accessed at Vicplan (

Guidance on accessing work authority maps is detailed below.

Further information on extractive and mining activities in Victoria can be found on the GeoVic - Earth Resources website which is maintained by the Resources Branch within the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. Limited information is available for unregistered users (anonymous user).

Step 1 – Use link at Vicplan

Image of VicPlan home screen

Step 2 – Select the ‘Map’ tab at top of screen.

Step 3 – Select the ‘Layer Catalog’ icon.

Image of VicPlan showing Mapctab and Layer catalog icon

Step 4 – Select drop down list for ‘Extractive Industry Work Authorities’ from ‘Add/Remove Map Information’.

Step 5 – Tick ‘Extractive Industry Work Authorities – Applications’ and ‘Extractive Industry Work Authorities - Current’ and ‘OK’.

Image from VicPlan showing location of selections for Steps 4 and 5

Step 6 – Enter address in search field.

The results will show:

  1. Property information under the ‘Property Information’ tab at the bottom of the page.
  2. Work authority information under the ‘Layers’ tab at the bottom of the page. Current /approved (granted) work authorities are shown in orange and work authority applications are shown in blue.

Image from VicPlan showing Property information tab

Image from VicPlan showing location of Layers tab

Step 7 – Select the ‘Tools’ tab at the top of screen.

Step 8 – Select the ‘Distance’ icon and ‘Enable Snapping’.

Image from VicPlan showing Distance icon and Enable snapping icon

Step 9 – Double click the boundary of the relevant land and the end point. The map will provide the distance between the two points.

Image from VicPlan showing Step 9 an example of a measurement


For mapping enquiries or technical support email:

For further information on Amendment VC219 email

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