The Victorian government has developed the 'Guideline for effective stakeholder engagement' to support planning for safer and more resilient communities.

Why is engagement important?

Involving stakeholders is important in the development of all strategic planning processes, including when deciding locations for new settlements and urban growth. It is particularly important where there are natural hazard and climate change risks as it:

  • builds community understanding, adaptability and resilience
  • builds technical understanding in identifying and mitigating risk
  • leads to improved preparation for and response to natural hazards.

Who should use the guideline and when?

The guideline has been developed for strategic land use planners. It provides a resource for how to undertake and achieve effective engagement outcomes.

It supports active involvement throughout settlement planning processes to help communities understand and respond to the natural hazards that may affect them.

The guideline should be used at any stakeholder engagement stage of a settlement planning project. This includes when undertaking engagement and consultation for planning scheme amendments to meet the requirements under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Apply the guidelines when preparing strategic planning documents, such as regional growth plans, local settlement plans such as structure plans and precinct structure plans, and planning scheme reviews involving areas of natural hazards.

View the Guideline for effective stakeholder engagement Planning for settlements exposed to natural hazard and climate change risks (PDF, 712.9 KB) or (DOCX, 61.8 KB)

Engagement guideline cover - decorative only


This guideline is an initiative under Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 Direction 6.2 to ‘reduce the likelihood and consequences of natural hazard events and adapt to climate change.

It delivers on Action 86 of the Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 Five Year Implementation Plan as a strategic response to strengthen ‘whole-of-settlement adaptation and risk mitigation strategies’.

The guideline builds on research and analysis into current stakeholder engagement practice undertaken as part of strategic settlement planning.

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