When people lose their home during a bushfire, providing access to temporary housing is a vital step towards recovery.

Clause 52.07 of the planning scheme allows people to set up a temporary dwelling on their land without a planning permit.

The clause also applies to damaged or destroyed businesses. It allows business owners to set up temporary premises without a planning permit.

There are still some things you will need to do before you can set up a temporary dwelling.

You can find out more in the fact sheet Planning permit exemptions for bushfire recovery (PDF, 439.5 KB) or (DOCX, 31.1 KB).

There are also Frequently Asked Questions sheets for homeowners and businesses available here:

To complement the requirements in Clause 52.07, the Building Regulations 2018 have also been amended. This allows landowners who have lost their homes because of a major emergency to construct and occupy temporary accommodation on site while their permanent home is rebuilt.

Together, these changes ensure a landowner who has lost their primary residence is exempt from the obligation to apply for either a planning or a building permit to use temporary accommodation.

You can find out more in the fact sheet: Emergency Accommodation Fact Sheet (PDF, 138.7 KB) or (DOCX, 27.8 KB)

Information about other help available is on the Bushfire Recovery Victoria website

Page last updated: 18/08/20