What does the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) do?

The BMO is a planning control which regulates development in areas where there is extreme bushfire hazard. The BMO ensures development is only permitted where the risk to life and property has been assessed and harmful exposure to bushfire can be reduced. It is clause 44.06 in Victorian planning schemes.

The BMO requires consideration of:

  • the bushfire hazard around the site and potential impacts to development
  • the siting of a building, its design and ability to withstand bushfire attack (BAL)
  • on-site water supply
  • emergency services vehicle access
  • fuel loads and vegetation management.

The BMO specifies documentation required in a planning permit application, mandatory planning permit conditions and whether an application needs referral to the fire authority. These vary depending on development type, complexity and location. This is why there are different application pathways.

BMO schedules

The BMO can include schedules that contain pre-set requirements determined for specific local areas. This forms the basis of the fast track application pathway for single dwellings.

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Page last updated: 23/05/22