Preset bushfire protection measure - defendable space condition for outbuildings

Defendable space must be created for 10 metres around the proposed outbuilding or to the property boundary, whichever is the lesser. Defendable space is an area where vegetation (and other flammable materials) must be managed in accordance with the following:

  • Individual and clumps of shrubs must not exceed 5 sq. metres in area and must be separated by at least 5 metres.
  • Grass must be short cropped and maintained during the declared fire danger period.
  • All leaves and vegetation debris must be removed at regular intervals during the declared fire danger period.
  • Within 10 metres of a building, flammable objects must not be located close to the vulnerable parts of the building.
  • Plants greater than 10 centimetres in height must not be placed within 3 metres of a window or glass feature of the building.
  • Shrubs must not be located under the canopy of trees.
  • Trees must not overhang or touch any elements of the building.
  • The canopy of trees must be separated by at least 5 metres.
  • There must be a clearance of at least 2 metres between the lowest tree branches and ground level.

Source: Table 6 of clause 53.02 Bushfire planning of Victorian planning schemes.

Page last updated: 07/11/22