Planning controls

Use and development

State planning policy at clause 13.02-1S Bushfire planning of Victorian planning schemes specifies planning requirements for use and development in a Bushfire Prone Area (BPA) designated under section 192A of the Building Act 1993.

Proposals for certain sized subdivisions and sensitive uses such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals and aged care facilities in the BPA need to address bushfire risk, implement bushfire protection measures and ensure that there are no unreasonable impacts on biodiversity.

Note: Areas where the BMO apply are also by default a BPA. This means that the use and development control:

  • does not need to be separately considered where a permit is required under the BMO.  The BMO enables bushfire to be addressed in a way that would also satisfy the use and development control.
  • will be relevant when a permit is not required under the BMO, but a permit is required for a proposal under a different provision of the planning scheme.

For more information refer to Building in the Bushfire Management Overlay

Strategic planning

State planning policy at clause 13.02-1S Bushfire planning sets out strategic and settlement planning directions that must be considered in strategic planning activities including land in the BPA. This includes:

  • planning scheme reviews
  • regional growth plans
  • local settlement plans
  • planning scheme amendments.

More information

Planning Permit Applications Bushfire Management Overlay - Technical Guide

For more information on application pathways and application requirements, refer to:

Note: The Technical Guide refers to clause numbers that have changed.

Your council can help you identify the appropriate application pathway.

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