Scenario: I have a building permit to build a house, and I didn’t need a planning permit. Do I need a planning permit now?

Next Steps
  • Manage the vegetation as set out in the Bushfire Attack Level Assessment in your building permit documentation.
  • Provide a static water supply in a tank of:
    • 2500 litres on lots less than 500 square metres.
    • 5000 litres on lots of 500 square metres or more.  
  • A planning permit is not required for a dwelling or dependent persons unit with a current building permit on land now included in the BMO, provided:
    • vegetation is managed in accordance with the Bushfire Attack Level Assessment undertaken at the time the building permit was issued; and
    • a static water supply is available.
  • Vegetation management and water supply must be to the council’s satisfaction.

Page last updated: 07/08/20