Bushfire Hazard Landscape Assessment

A bushfire hazard landscape assessment provides information on:  

  • the bushfire hazard (vegetation extent and slope) - between 150 metres to 75 kilometres away
  • potential bushfire behaviour and relevant strategic considerations in the landscape that are likely to affect a given location  
  • key features of the general locality, to better understand the protection provided by the location, including town centres, main roads, and community safer places
  • other contextual information including, local bushfire history, landscape type, possible fire runs, wind direction, and any other significant landscape features that need to be considered.

It provides a better understanding of the bushfire risk and informs decisions about whether development should proceed and whether bushfire protection measures are satisfactory.

It is crucial to consider and integrate the bushfire hazard landscape assessment into all stages of preparing your application, to ensure that your design response or strategic planning proposal adequately responds to the bushfire risk beyond the site.

Page last updated: 07/08/20