Activity centres are vibrant community hubs where people shop, work, meet, relax and often live. They range in size, from local neighbourhood shopping strips to centres that include universities and major regional shopping malls.

The role that activity centres play in suburbs across Melbourne is recognised in Plan Melbourne 2017 – 2050 (Plan Melbourne). Activity centres need to provide a broad range of goods and services, diversifying their offerings, focusing on mixed-use development including retail, commercial and residential, and ensuring they are well connected. This will support local economies and the development of 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Links to good transport networks (road, public transport, pedestrian and cycle) are crucial, as they attract high numbers of people and generate a significant volume of trips across metropolitan Melbourne.

Activity centres promote sustainable, vibrant communities and will be a focus of change over the next 30 years.

In this section:

  • Structure planning
    Structure plans provide the foundation for activity centres and guide major changes to land use, built form and public spaces.

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