Rezones all land declared as ‘Arterial Road’ under the Road Management Act 2004 to Transport 2 Zone (TRZ2), deletes the redundant Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO3) associated with the Drysdale Bypass Project and corrects TRZ2 zoning anomalies for parcels that contain municipal road infrastructure owned by the City of Greater Geelong. It also removes surplus PAO from six private properties.

Site details

This site was considered under Planning Stream A which required a planning scheme amendment to be approved and exempted from notice under S20(4) for the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Landowner: Head, Transport for Victoria (managed by Major Road Projects Victoria).

Municipality: Greater Geelong City Council.

Ministers decision

Changes to the planning provisions associated with the completed Drysdale Bypass Project were gazetted as Greater Geelong Planning Scheme Amendment C454ggee on 3 November 2023.

Page last updated: 09/02/24