Generate an Interim Publish for the entire amendment with no comparison to the master or other saved versions (snapshots)

If the user does not require a document showing tracked changes, they can generate an interim publish with no comparison.

1. Using ATS Authoring, whilst in the amendment document, select the Interim Publish button.

Interim Publish button on ATS Authoring

2. The user will be taken to the interim publish screen. The amendment number will default to the amendment that is being worked on. If the amendment number is not appearing, enter the number and select it when listed.
3. Enter a name for the folder. The name should make sense and does not need to include the amendment number, date or status.
4. At the ‘Produce Outputs For’ section, leave the default as ‘Entire Amendment’.
5. Select the ‘RUN INTERIM PUBLISH’ button.

Interim Publish screen

6. Select OK to acknowledge the message that the request has been submitted.Select OK to acknowledge the Interim Publish has been submitted.

7. A reference number will appear showing that the request has been submitted. Do not click on ‘RUN INTERIM PUBLISH’ again, unless the selection criteria is changed to produce a different set of documents.Shows the reference number for the Interim Pubish and do not select to run Interim Publish

8. If the interim publish is successful, the user who has generated the interim publish will receive an email once the documents are ready. Click on the URL link in the email to be directed to the interim publish folder.

Successful Interim Publish Email

9. If an email is received advising that the interim publish was unsuccessful, contact the team at for assistance.  
10. Once in the folder, select the sub-folder for the planning scheme. A GC or VC amendment will contain more than one sub-folder.

Interim Publish Folder

11. The number of files listed in the sub-folder will be dependent on the ordinance selected for changing or adding into the planning scheme. In this example, the amendment is modifying ordinance in three different
planning schemes, and for the Banyule scheme the sub clause sections 21.01-2, 21.03-1 and 21.04-1 have been selected to be modified, so all provisions under 21.01, 21.03 and 21.04 are supplied in the documents. The user can download all files at once to view or select each file individually. Also, where
a schedule section is modified, the ordinance with the proposed changes will be presented as part of the entire schedule.
12. Select the file or files (While holding Ctrl , click each of the other files) to select.
13. Select the download icon.

Files in the interim publish folder

14. Depending on the web browser used and configuration, the files may appear on screen or in your Downloads folder via File Explorer.
15. Click on the file to open the PDF to view the
ordinance which will open in another browser tab.

Open the downloaded files

16. Scroll through the document and check as required.

Review the generated interim publish

Page last updated: 01/07/24