The amended planning scheme clauses and schedules are documents that form attachments to the Instruction Sheet. The format of the attached documents must comply with the Ministerial Direction: The Form and Content of Planning Schemes, which outlines the format for all clauses and schedules including the font, paragraph, bullets, numbering and layout.

Local Provision templates, as outlined in the Ministerial Direction, are provided in MS Word to assist with drafting ordinances only.

See the Practitioner's guide to Victoria's planning schemes for information about preparing a Municipal Planning Strategy and local planning policy and guidance on writing local provisions.

Practice Notes, such as Planning Practice Note 59 - The Role of Mandatory Provisions in Planning Schemes, also provide guidance on writing local provisions and specific planning topics.

Any ordinance submitted to the department as part of an amendment must be via ATS Authoring. ATS guidelines can be located in Amendment Tracking System Guides.

Page last updated: 13/06/23