Ministerial permit: PA2101252

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Description of proposal

Use and development of the land for a utility installation (power lines), associated buildings and works and removal of native vegetation Specifically, it is proposed to upgrade the existing 1.3-kilometre 220kV single circuit transmission line between the Red Cliffs substation and the NSW/Victorian border with a new 1.3-kilometre 220kV double circuit transmission line The proposal comprises: —site establishment works including vegetation clearance, minor access track improvements and construction of tower pad and laydown areas —construction of about 1.3-kilometres of new double circuit transmission line supported by four new transmission line monopoles. At two of the four locations, a double pole arrangement is proposed. At the remaining two locations only a single pole structure would be installed —decommissioning of the existing transmission line is also a part of the scoped activities, once the upgraded transmission line is operational. Decommissioning activities would include removal of all existing towers, fittings and conductors from the corridor —vegetation removal required to maintain appropriate clearances between ground vegetation and transmission lines. Vegetation above four-metres in height, within a 50-metre corridor below transmission lines would require ongoing maintenance throughout the operation to ensure electrical safety clearances and protection zones are maintained. The required clearance of vegetation within the corridor would be undertaken in accordance with TransGrid maintenance guides.

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 23/06/2021

  2. Public notice

    Date of Notice: 04/08/2021

  3. Responsible authority decision

    Decision: Permit
    Date of decision: 11/11/2021

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Permit details

Application number: PA2101252

Type: Application for planning permit

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