Ministerial permit: PDA09/0031.01

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Description of proposal

Extra parking level providing enough car space on SE and SW of the building for canopy trees; rearrange the interior to provide more direct sunlight to the apartments. Extending balcony area-articulate building facade. Provide one extra floor with 7 apartments Construction of a four-storey multi-unit development with basement car par parking and removal and creation of easement on the land

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 13/05/2015

  2. Public notice

    Date of Notice: 08/03/2016

  3. Responsible authority decision

    Decision: Notice of decision
    Date of decision: 15/6/2016

    Decision: Permit
    Date of decision: 14/7/2016

Correction or amendments

Application number


Application number


Permit details

Application number: PDA09/0031.01

Type: Application for planning permit

Address of Land:

26 Rodd Street Dandenong VIC 3175

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