Ministerial permit: VPP2201861-1

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Description of proposal

We continue to act on behalf on behalf of Community Housing Victoria Limited (CHVL) and Monolith Projects (development partner) in relation to the approved development of 118 new social housing dwellings on land at No. 500 Burwood Highway, Wantirna South. Construction of the development has recently commenced and ongoing design resolution is being undertaken by the project team as part of project delivery. That process has revealed that a number of very minor amendments are required to rationalise the design and assist the efficient delivery of the development. Clause 52.20-3 of the Planning Scheme requires that the “development of the land must be carried out in accordance with the plans and documents approved under this clause”. Accordingly, we write to request the consideration and endorsement of the following amended material: • Architectural drawings prepared by CHT Architects; and • Landscape drawings prepared by Tract Consultants. The proposed changes are described in detail in the accompanying Statement of Changes prepared by CHT Architects. In summary the nature of the changes sought is as follows: • Minor amendments to basement level services and residential storage; • Removal of unnecessary fencing and retaining walls and subsequent amendments to the landscape design; • Relocation of Level 07 balustrades to maximise size and utility of balconies; • Change to extent of pre-cast concrete finish to east elevation; • Increase to the finished floor level at Level 07 and roof (parapet height unaltered); and • Minor internal layout changes to some apartments, principally to improve functionality of laundries. Each of the proposed amendments are minor in nature and generally accord with the endorsed drawings. The basement layout changes are inconsequential and retain the number of residential storage cages. Amendments to open spaces at ground level eliminate unnecessary structure and have the effect of increasing the quantum of communal open space available to residents. Balcony revisions will improve the amenity of affected apartments without discernible change to the appearance of the approved building. The changes to Level 07 floor level are required to accommodate essential building services, but will not alter the overall height of the development. Internal layout changes to apartments are very minor and will improve laundry areas without affecting functional layouts of adjacent living areas. We trust that the enclosed amended material, together with the Statement of Changes and the summary provided above is sufficient to enable a thorough understanding of the minor design amendments sought.

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 21/10/2023

  2. Public notice

  3. Responsible authority decision

Permit details

Application number: VPP2201861-1

Original Permit: VPP2201861

Type: Application to amend planning permit

Applicant name: Community Housing Victoria Limited

Applicant address: 19-23 Prospect Street Box Hill VIC 3128

Address of Land:

500 Burwood Highway Wantirna South VIC 3152

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