Ministerial permit: 2011013331A

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Description of proposal

Correction of an administrative error by updating the permit number to reflect the application reference number Modification to Conditions 1,4,10,12,13,15,17,18,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27 and 28 to reflect the plans submitted, and to update Public Transport Victoria and Live Music Entertainment Noise requirements Deletion of condition 8 (Amended Wind Report), condition 36 (Residential Services) and conditions 32 and 33 (Car Wash) to reflect the plans submitted Insertion of a new condition 4 (Air Safety). Insertion of a new condition 18 (Pedestrian Modelling) requiring further analysis prior to the commencement of the development Modification to condition 40 (permit expiry) extending the expiry of the permit by 1 year Renumbering and labelling of all remaining conditions accordingly Demolition of the existing building, buildings and works for commercial car park for which an existing use right has been established and construction of a multi-storey building compromising dwellings, office and retail uses (other than Adult sex bookshop, Departmental store, Hotel Supermarket and Tavern).

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 31/03/2014

  2. Public notice

  3. Responsible authority decision

    Decision: Permit
    Date of decision: 10/3/2015

Correction or amendments

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Date of decision


Application number




Date of decision


Permit details

Application number: 2011013331A

Type: Application for planning permit

Address of Land:

380 Lonsdale Street Melbourne VIC 3000

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