Ministerial permit: PA1500002

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Description of proposal

A boundary realignment between Lot 1A (former) and Lot A on PS700472; creation of reserves (Road R1 and Reserve No. 1); removal of the sewerage, water and carriageway easements created as E-1 and E-3 on PS700472E and contained within Road R1 and Reserve No.1 on PS726064A; and removal of the drainage, carriageway, telecommunications, gas pipeline and electricity easement created as E-1 on PS630826H and contained within Road R1 and Reserve No.1 on PS726064A.

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 13/10/2015

  2. Public notice

  3. Responsible authority decision

    Decision: Permit
    Date of decision: 22/2/2016

Permit details

Application number: PA1500002

Type: Application for planning permit

Address of Land:

1 and 3 McNab Avenue Footscray VIC 3011

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