Ministerial permit: PA2302357

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Description of proposal

The project relates to the upgrade of existing external exhaust risers which contain existing ductwork associated with laboratory equipment (fume cupboards, vented cabinets etc.). The existing risers have been constructed externally between existing balcony low height walls and have been framed in combustible timber with external sheet metal cladding (assumed Colorbond). The existing risers are generally at maximum ductwork capacity, and therefore constraint the ability to install additional ducted equipment for growing research means. The objective of the project is to both address the presence of combustible timber framing, and increase the capacity to support internal laboratory upgrade project. The design intent is to adopt a similar aesthetic with a marginally expanded façade impact. In addition, the expanded risers would have a minimal impact to the Royal Parade and Mile Lane building presentation.

Application details

  1. Application received

    Date: 11/07/2023

  2. Public notice

  3. Responsible authority decision

    Decision: Minister is not the Responsible Authority
    Date of decision: 12/7/2023

Permit details

Application number: PA2302357

Type: Application for planning permit

Applicant name: Millar Architects

Applicant address: 25 Yarra Street South Melbourne VIC 3205

Address of Land:

381 Royal Parade Parkville VIC 3052

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