Introduction of VicSmart

The VicSmart planning provisions were introduced into the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes on 19 September 2014 by Amendment VC114, and were then extended in March 2017 by Amendment VC135, and again in July 2017 by Amendment VC137Amendment VC142 made further minor modifications in January 2018 and Amendment VC148 restructured the VicSmart provisions in July 2018.

Changes to the Planning and Environment Regulations to implement VicSmart were also made on 19 September 2014. The Planning and Environment Regulations were amended to:

  • prescribe a time of 10 business days after which an application for review of a failure to grant a permit for a VicSmart application may be made
  • prescribe a time of five business days within which the responsible authority may require further information and stop the statutory clock
  • insert a definition of a VicSmart application
  • require the responsible authority to specify in the planning register whether an application is a VicSmart application.

For more information see Advisory Note 55: VicSmart Planning Assessment: a new planning permit process for Victoria Amendment VC114, September 2014 (PDF, 171.0 KB) or (DOC, 97.5 KB).

The Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes set out the VicSmart planning assessment process and the classes of application:

  • Clause 71.06 specifies the process for assessing VicSmart applications
  • Zones, overlays, particular provisions and Clause 59.15 specify classes of VicSmart application
  • Clauses 59.01 to 59.14 and 59.16 specify the information requirements and decision guidelines for each class of VicSmart application

Page last updated: 16/04/20