24 June 2024

A centralised and consistent experience for easy access to digital planning tools.

Planning in Victoria is now quicker and easier using the new Victorian Planning Portal.

In 2023 we launched the new Planning website – the one place to guide planning in Victoria. With a brand new look and enhanced functionality, the website makes it easier to find and understand planning information and guidance.

Today the Department of Transport and Planning has launched the Victorian Planning Portal – a centralised and consistent digital experience designed to connect planning professionals, applicants and proponents, councils and referral agencies with the digital planning tools they need all in one place.

The portal provides a single entry point to Victoria’s planning and data services and an intuitive logged-in user experience that supports users to navigate through the four parts of the connected digital planning system:

  1. Planning website – The one place to access information, easy to use guidance and services.
  2. Schemes and amendments – View planning controls or amend planning schemes.
  3. Permits and applications – Lodge development applications or seek advice on approval pathways.
  4. Data, spatial and insights – Access and engage with planning data, maps and visualisations.

The portal makes planning easier for applicants, proponents and referral agencies who can access and manage all services from one central workspace.

These transformations were funded by the Victorian government Digital Planning Reform.

Page last updated: 24/06/24