12 July 2023

Future Homes are hosting live tours as part of the Open House Melbourne 2023 Program. The event, hosted at Big Plans in North Melbourne on Saturday 29 July, will include a 45-minute interactive presentation as well as a display of unseen competition entries.

This is an exciting opportunity for a guided tour of the Future Homes designs projected at full-size. Accompanying this, representatives from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect will talk to the evolution of the designs from the competition phase, including the landscape approach, accessibility, sustainability, and other considerations that make these great designs and better homes.

Participants will also have an opportunity to hear about policies and initiatives required to create gentle density in our suburbs, and the role apartment buildings can play to create homes that are better for occupants, neighbours and the environment.

Future Homes: Better Apartments | Open House Melbourne

Registration: Weekend Program 2023 | Open House Melbourne

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