4 July

The Victorian Government digital planning grants program has concluded with 26 projects funded to accelerate digital planning uplift in local government.

In May 2023, $3.78 million was awarded through grants to 23 Victorian councils to improve digital planning services. All projects have now been fully funded to deliver a vast range of digital solutions that streamline the planning process for applicants and planners.

These projects are enabling benefits across the state, with projects funded across metro, regional and rural councils. A collaborative project led by Northern Grampians is delivering outcomes for Southern Grampians, Moyne and Queenscliffe addressing development needs of the community by providing online guidance materials to make it easier to navigate the planning system.

A map of Victoria showing approved digital planning grants for councils

The program guidelines and funding streams were informed by the Digital planning survey, completed by all 79 Victorian councils in late 2021. Funding was granted to projects that addressed three key focus areas:

  1. Upgrading planning permit activity reporting tools
  2. Implementing Better planning approvals digital tools
  3. Local planning tools or solutions that improved digital planning experiences.

Both the survey and grants program were part of the larger Victorian Government Digital Planning Reform.

Learn more about the digital planning grants program and its outcomes, including in-depth case studies from five councils involved in the program.

Page last updated: 05/07/24