2021 Metropolitan Urban Development Program

The Metropolitan Urban Development Program (UDP) provides an annual analysis of the supply and up-take for:

  • residential greenfield land on the fringe of Melbourne;
  • major residential redevelopment sites in the established parts of Melbourne; and
  • industrial land across metropolitan Melbourne.

Urban Development Program

Headlines from the UDP

Residential greenfield

There was a total greenfield land supply of 370,421 lots at the end of 2021. Based on lot approval activity, this equates to between 18 and 23 years of greenfield land supply available in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Residential redevelopment

At December 2021, there were 148,394 dwellings on major residential redevelopment sites that were either under construction or in the development pipeline. Of the dwellings proposed for major redevelopment, 80% are expected to be built to a height of four or more storeys.


Some 273 ha of industrial land was taken-up in 2021. This is equivalent to the area of just over two CBD grids. The Western State Significant Industrial Precinct has consistently maintained the high levels of take-up making it the most active single industrial land market in Australia.

The Metropolitan UDP website provides users with a range of ways to access and use the data including:

  • interactive graphs;
  • spreadsheets of data for users to create their own charts;
  • a mapping tool which enables users without a GIS to navigate, interrogate and map the UDP’s spatial data; and
  • spatial information for users with GIS.

Keep an eye out for further Insights articles which will delve deeper into the UDP’s data.

If you have any questions about the release of the 2021 Metropolitan Urban Development Program please email  Policy and Performance.

Page last updated: 26/07/22