The G21 Regional Growth Plan covers the municipalities of City of Greater Geelong, Colac Otway Shire, Surf Coast Shire, Borough of Queenscliffe and the southern portion of Golden Plains Shire. The northern portion of Golden Plains Shire is part of the Central Highlands Regional Growth Plan.

The plan provides broad direction for regional land use and development in the G21 region (Geelong).

Amendment VC106 changes the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes by inserting clauses 11.06 - 11.13 into the State Planning Policy Framework which set out the objectives and strategies of Victoria's eight regional growth plans.

The G21 Regional Growth Plan has been endorsed by each of the five G21 – Geelong Region Alliance Councils and was launched by the Minister for Planning in April 2013.

The directions of the plan have been underpinned by nine key principles and an understanding of:

  • the key linkages within the region and to other regions including Melbourne
  • the key challenges for growth including managing infrastructure needs, climate variability, providing housing choice, reducing car usage, and protecting our environment and natural resources
  • areas vulnerable to growth including significant natural environments
  • areas vulnerable to inundation and flooding, erosion, fire and other risks
  • the region's significant assets and competitive advantages which support our economy, landscape and lifestyle
  • the importance and role of other projects including other Regional Growth Plans, Plan Melbourne, G21 priority and pillar projects, as well as strategies such as the Corangamite Regional Catchment Strategy.

Documents from the regional growth plan

Background report

Background report

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