Melbourne is growing fast, faster than any other capital city in Australia.

To ensure this growth is co-ordinated, the government designs new suburbs that identify essential infrastructure.

The Victorian Government’s Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution, or GAIC, is helping fund this infrastructure. GAIC funding is provided to new communities in Melbourne’s growth areas of Cardinia, Casey, Hume Mitchell, Melton, Whittlesea and Wyndham.

Funds are collected as a one-off contribution from property developers and is available for major state infrastructure projects such as:

  • public transport
  • schools,
  • railway stations
  • fire stations
  • ambulance stations
  • health and community centres
  • walking and cycling path
  • open spaces and much more.

GAIC helps to create connected, liveable communities in Melbourne’s growth areas.

The Victorian Government works to make sure that millions of dollars are spent on important infrastructure every year.

Find out how GAIC is helping Melbourne grow…

Page last updated: 09/06/23