Storm and flood information

To be aware of the latest incidents and warning visit the Vic Emergency website.

Flood Recovery Hotline is a single state-wide number, 1800 560 760, that Victorians impacted by the October 2022 floods can call for help or assistance with:

  • navigating available supports
  • clean-up
  • temporary accommodation
  • mental health and wellbeing support

For Emergency relief assistance payment please visit the DFFH website supporting Victorians during and emergency page.

Recovery and rebuild

In an emergency the first phase is about protecting life and offering relief services for the community. In the next phase we support the recovery and rebuild process. This process can take time, often years.

For information about relief and recovery efforts visit the Vic Emergency website.

October 2022 floods

The October 2022 floods impacted large parts of Victoria, cutting off roads, bringing down trees and powerlines, and damaging thousands of homes.

If you were impacted by the October 2022 floods there are a range of supports available. To find out more, head to:

Connecting Community to Builders Program

June 2021 storm and flood event

If you were impacted by the June 2021 storms, there are specific support services available.

While the storm impacts were felt across the Yarra Ranges and Cardinia Shire, the majority of impacted homes were in the suburbs of Olinda, Mount Dandenong and Kalorama, and in the municipality of Cardinia in the suburbs of Emerald and Cockatoo.

Yarra Ranges Rebuild Support Service

The Yarra Ranges Rebuild Support Service (RSS) is about making the planning and rebuilding process simpler and faster.

It is also available to residents in the Cardinia Shire.

Supports available include:

  • Assistance in navigating the planning and building permit process
  • Pre-application support
  • Technical specialists to provide advice and help you repair and rebuild your home

The RSS is administered by Yarra Ranges Shire Council.

To find out more, head to Cardinia or Yarra Ranges websites.

Country Fire Authority

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) is available to support residents and councils impacted by storm and floods.

Supports available include:

  • Advice in understanding the bushfire requirements for obtaining a planning permit, including Bushfire Attack Levels and how they might impact your rebuild

If you’d like to know more about the supports available, please contact your local council or CFA

Streamlining the rebuild process

To help you rebuild faster we have made changes to all planning schemes.

The changes introduced Clause 52.10 and will speed up the planning permit application process while providing greater certainty in the rebuilding process.

It includes exemptions from some planning requirements for homes and streamlines the planning permit application process.

The exemptions include:

  • a dwelling use exemption that, subject to meeting certain conditions, turns off some planning requirements related to the use of land for a dwelling, but you may still need a planning permit to rebuild your home
  • a third-party notice and review exemption that applies to a planning permit application to rebuild a house or rebuild a business damaged by a storm or flood after 1 January 2019.

These exemptions streamline planning requirements and applications to help you rebuild faster, while supporting the reestablishment of businesses and services.

Other support services

Your local council has a range of supports available to people impacted by storm and flood events, such as temporary accommodation, mental health services and outreach, and planning and rebuilding services.

If you’ve been impacted by storm and floods you can contact:

Your local council

Emergency Recovery Victoria

Recovery Victoria

Page last updated: 13/09/23