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Decriminalisation ensures that sex work is safe work and just like any other work. It maximises sex workers' safety, health, human rights, and reduces the stigma and fear of criminal repercussions.

Amendment VC217

Amendment VC217 made changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes to support the decriminalisation of sex work.

The changes mean a sex services business is now treated like any other business, subject to the same rules and regulations.

These changes commenced on 1 December 2023.

More information about the amendment and planning scheme changes can be found in the below documents.

Location of sex services businesses

A sex services business can now operate anywhere a shop can. This means that the sex services business is permitted in the same places as a shop.

Sex service businesses are subject to the same conditions and requirements that apply to any type of shop in all zones.

Sex services as a home based business

Anyone can undertake sex work from their home. Using your home for sex services will be subject to certain conditions.

These conditions include:

  • the home must be your primary place of residence.
  • the business must not adversely affect the amenity of the neighbourhood.

If you or a neighbour are concerned that home-based sex work is adversely affecting the neighbourhood, you can report it to your local council.

Planning process to set up a sex service business

The planning process for a sex services business is the same as any other business.

Standard requirements for the use and development of land apply to sex services premises in the same way as for other uses and developments.

Sign rules

The sign requirements for a sex services business are the same as any other business. There are no specific requirements in the planning scheme for signs associated with sex work.

The content on the signs is not regulated by the planning scheme.

More information

More information is available about decriminalising sex work in Victoria.  If you have any questions about street-based sex work, child welfare, local laws or content of signs refer to the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

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