A 3-minute overview of the changes for the community and industry.

Frame 1: No text
Notes: Fun animation of logos and title. The program name ‘Better Apartments’ has emphasis.

Frame 2: More Victorians are choosing apartments to be their homes.
Visual: Sunlight on apartment buildings.

Frame 3: This is not only because of affordability, but also because of convenience and access to jobs and services.
Visual: Animate people, public transport and cars, accompanying sounds

Frame 4: To look after our city’s liveability, the Victorian Government has updated the planning rules to create better apartments in our neighbourhoods.

Frame 5: The Better Apartments Design Standards have been updated in 4 ways to create buildings that add to the streetscape, bring life to the neighbourhood and ensure that Victoria remains a great place to live and visit.

Frame 6: Green space should now be provided in all new apartment developments.

Frame 7: Updated Landscaping and Communal Open Space Standard – Canopy trees and landscaping should be incorporated into the design concept of the building from the start.

Frame 8: Updated Landscaping and Communal Open Space Standard – Green spaces can be adapted to the size or location of a site.
Visual: Children playing. People sitting, accompanying sounds.

Frame 9: Updated Landscaping and Communal Open Space Standard – For example, small lots could have a couple of canopy trees, medium lots could have a front garden and large lots could have tree-lined laneways. This means more room for recreation, urban cooling and community health and wellbeing.
Visual: Zoom out so you see it is an apartment building.

Frame 10: Updated Landscaping and Communal Open Space Standard – Space should be provided for the trees to be planted in the ground and near to other trees. Otherwise, shelter and in-built planters should be provided on the roof for trees and plants. Of course, if a site is next to a park, the park provides the green space.
Visual: Tree in deep soil and planter.

Frame 11: To accommodate this space we are allowing the flexibility to make balconies smaller. This has the added benefit of making apartments more thermally comfortable in winter and using less lighting.

Frame 12: New External Materials Standard – Enduring external materials are now a fundamental requirement for new apartment development.

Frame 13: New External Walls and Materials Standard – We have introduced a new standard that encourages all apartment developments to consider the quality of the external materials to be used and how they can contribute to the streetscape.
Visual: pan around building, accompanying sound of rain, cloud casting shadow on building facade.

Frame 14: New External Walls and Materials Standard – Materials that stand the test of time, like brick, glass, steel, concrete and non-combustible cladding can contribute positively to this experience. Buildings built in this way will add vitality and character to the neighbourhood and be easier to maintain over their lifetime.
Visual: People on the balcony.

Frame 15: New Wind Impacts Standard – The height of buildings can dramatically alter wind conditions at street level, and with Victoria tending to be windy – this is an important consideration.

Frame 16: New Wind Impacts Standard – A new standard will encourage apartment development of five or more storeys to reduce the impact of wind on nearby streets and spaces.

Frame 17: New Wind Impacts Standard – Surrounding outdoor areas need to remain safe for people to use during gusty winds. Spaces where the public can sit or stand, such as a café, should have comfortable wind conditions.
Visual: Wind effects, accompanying sound of wind.

Frame 18: New Wind Impacts Standard – Ensuring wind consideration in design provides safety and greater comfort for people in the local area.
Visual: People sitting outside café, accompanying sounds.

Frame 19: Updated Integration with the Street, Access and Site Services Standards – 4. Street Interfaces. The design of new buildings at street level plays an important role in how we experience our city.

Frame 20: Updated Integration with the Street, Access and Site Services Standards –We have updated the apartment standards to emphasise the need for high quality design where buildings interact with streets.

Frame 21: Updated Integration with the Street, Access and Site Services Standards – This includes providing pedestrian access from street frontages, designing vehicle entries to protect pedestrians and cyclists, and concealing services.
Visual: People with bicycles and children crossing the vehicle crossover, accompanying sounds.

Frame 22: Updated Integration with the Street, Access and Site Services Standards – The result will be a pleasant pedestrian experience that improves walkability and amenity of the public realm.
Visual: People coming and going from the building, accompanying sounds. Pan out to see the post box and no services in the fence.

Frame 23: With apartments becoming a more popular and affordable option for Victorian families, we want families to be housed in safe and healthy environments.

Apartment buildings that meet the new standards will have a positive impact on Victoria’s overall liveability.

The Victorian Government will continue to work closely with industry and councils to keep them informed of the changes.

Page last updated: 09/06/23