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Melbourne Airport Environs Safeguarding Standing Advisory Committee

The Minister for Planning appointed the committee in March 2020.

The committee’s Terms of Reference (Part B) required it to advise the Minister on improvements to the planning provisions safeguarding Melbourne Airport and its environs including:

  • the Planning Policy Framework, zones and overlays
  • any other related planning provisions and guidance material
  • any complementary safeguarding tools and processes.

The Committee was also able to advise on improvements to help safeguard other airport environs in Victoria.
To learn more about the Melbourne Airport Environs Safeguarding Standing Advisory Committee, visit Planning Panels Victoria.

Final report

The committee submitted its final report to the Minister for Planning on 15 November 2021. The committee made 15 recommendations and identified key issues regarding the safeguarding of airports and their environs in Victoria, including:

  • further implementation of National Airports Safeguarding Framework
  • the role of the ‘Number above’ noise metric (N contours)
  • planning responses for safeguarding concerns beyond aircraft noise.

Victorian Government response

In April 2022, the Victorian Government released its response to the Committee’s final report and recommendations on how to further safeguard Victoria’s airports.

The response sets out eight actions that focus on the following key areas:

  • clearer policy
  • improved planning toolkit
  • better access to information and guidance

Next steps

The response includes short, medium and longer-term actions. Short-term actions can commence immediately, while medium to longer-term actions are more complex and require engagement with federal departments and agencies, airport operators, councils and other stakeholders to implement.

Updates will be provided on this webpage as implementation of the Government’s response progresses.

For more information please contact

Completed actions

Action 1 - Strengthen the Planning Policy Framework and further implement the National Airports Safeguarding Framework

Amendment VC218

On Wednesday 18 May 2022, Amendment VC218 changed the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes in Victoria by updating the Planning Policy Framework to further implement the National Airports Safeguarding Framework in Victoria. Further information can be found on Planning Schemes - Amendment VC218.

Action 7 - Improve access to spatial information

Airport spatial information

The airport spatial information page aims to provide better access to the spatial information relating to Victoria's airports and airfields. The information provided will allow land use planners, developers, future residents and other landowners and occupiers to make better informed choices and decisions when planning for areas around airports.

Updates have been made to VicPlan to include the latest noise contour data for Melbourne Airport, consistent with their latest approved master plan. The Department of Transport and Planning is continuing to work with Victorian airport operators to provide access to their latest spatial data and master plans in VicPlan and on the spatial information webpage

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