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What is this tool for?

The process map is designed to address a lack of understanding of the post-submission consultation process, and offers a clear and understandable explanation of the post-submission consultation process.

Instructions for use

The tool can be customised to meet your council’s post-submission process.

Updating text on the process map tool

The process map outlines a standard post-consultation process and can be edited to fit your council's needs.

The following areas of the tool can be customised:

  1. add your letterhead or logo/standard headers and footers to identify your council
  2. consider inserting link to your objection lodgement page where prompted
  3. remove the instructions in yellow highlight/red text before publishing.

Where should the process map be available

The tool should be made available on your council’s website for applicants to view. Ideally this tool will also be mailed out as part of the documentation accompanying the public notice letter.

Tips to get the most out of this tool

For this tool to be most effective at your council, we recommend:

  • ensure the process map is understood by planning and admin staff
  • circulate the tool with applicants. It is important that the applicant community become familiar with the post-submission consultation process
  • store a copy of the tool where it can be easily located for planners and applicants.

Having an easily accessible, clear process map will help reduce any misunderstandings regarding the post-submission process.

Page last updated: 23/08/23