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What is the planning glossary for?

The planning glossary is a document which defines key planning terms. This will assist applicants in their understanding of planning terms, and ensure planners are defining these terms and applying them consistently.

The glossary tool includes a visual glossary showing labelled images of some commonly referred to terms.

Instructions for use

The tool can be edited and customised to reflect commonly used planning terms in your council.

Updating text on the document

It is important to amend the text as required to accurately reflect the common terms relevant to your council. A visual glossary has also been prepared for a residential allotment, and you may choose to develop more visual glossaries based on common applications in your council.

For example, you may complete one for higher residential density development, or for an agricultural development.

Make the document available

The document should be available on council’s website in an accessible location so that applicants can easily find it or be directed to it.

Tips to get the most out of this tool

For this tool to be most effective at your council, we recommend:

  • customise the tool to reflect common terms used at your council
  • build out additional terms and visual glossaries as required
  • ensure the information is easily found on council’s website
  • ensure planning and admin staff are familiar with the location and content, so they can advise customers as required
  • remove highlighted text prior to publishing the template
  • store a copy where it can be easily located.

Providing these definitions will increase applicant understanding of the process and reduce council time and resources spent explaining or clarifying common planning terms.

Page last updated: 23/08/23