A certificate of title is an official record of land ownership, which can include information about mortgages, covenants, caveats, and easements.


It’s issued by Land Victoria after each registration that affects the interests of the land. For example, following a land transfer or mortgage. A complete certificate of title must include a description of the land, easement, information, registered owners, covenants, or encumbrances to show any interest in the land. For town planning applications, the certificate of title must be current. It must be less than three months old.


How do I access a certificate of title?


The easiest way to access a certificate of title is to log on to land data (www.landata.com.au). The site address is the easiest way to search but you can also use the following if you have them available.


Volume folio number, lot on plan, council property number from your rates notice and crown allotment details.  There are five steps to the process.


Step one:

Specify property. Provide property details.


First specify the property details.  Click on: Titles and Property Certificate. Enter the: Site Street Address. Confirm the property details are correct.  In step two, you’ll confirm the property details following the prompts.


Step two:

Confirm the property details are correct.

Click the link: View and confirm on map. Check: The correct Lot is highlighted and move the cursor if required. Click: Confirm property detail. Use the link to view and confirm, check the correct Lot is highlighted. If not, highlight the correct block. Then click confirm property detail in step three.


Step three:

Required certificates.

Once the property address is confirmed, you can select the required certificates.


You’ll need to select registered search statement, copy of title, and copy of plan.


You’ll also need to select any instrument search that appears on screen.


Step four:

And step four, you’re nearly done. Simply follow the prompts to register as a user or log in if you have a profile. You’ll be asked to pay the relevant fees by credit card.


Step five:

Receipt, documents emailed to you.

You will receive confirmation of your payment and reports and attachments will be emailed to you. If you have any questions, you can contact Landata by phone, email or in person at their office.

Phone number: 03 8636 2456.

Email: landata.enquiries.dse.vic.gov.au.

Address: Level 10/570 Bourke St. Melbourne.


You can also engage with a conveyancer or solicitor to obtain a copy of the title.


End of video.

Page last updated: 24/08/23