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What is this template for?

The pre-application common questions give applicants the information they need to understand the process and get the most out of it.

The template allows applicants to find information independently, saving your council time and resources.

Instructions for use

The template can be edited and customised to include questions most relevant to your council.

Updating text on the template

The pre-application template aims to answer common questions about the pre-application process so that applicants don't have to contact your council for answers.

The template should be updated to include common questions that are specific to your council.

Where should the template be available?

The template should be available on your council’s website in an accessible location so applicants can easily find the questions or be directed to them.

Tips to get the most out of this template

For this template to be most effective at your council, we recommend the following:

  • Customise the template to reflect common queries at your council
  • Ensure the information is easily found on your council's website
  • Ensure planning and admin staff are familiar with the location and content so they can advise customers as required
  • Remove highlighted/red text before publishing the template
  • Store a copy where it can be easily located

Providing this information will increase applicant understanding of the process and reduce council time and resources spent responding to common queries.

Page last updated: 01/07/24