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What is this tool for?

The decision tree is a self-assessment tool to help applicants decide if a pre-application meeting is necessary for their proposal.

The tool is designed to save time and resources for both parties by avoiding unnecessary meetings and allowing applicants to decide without contacting the council.

Instructions for use

The tool can be edited and customised to meet your council's application process requirements.

Updating text on the decision tree tool

The goal of the decision tree is to ensure that only relevant proposals are considered for pre-application meetings by having an adequate level of information available.

The decision tree considers if planning drawings have been prepared and more specifications can be added to specify the level of detail needed.

The following areas of the tool you can customise for your council:

  1. add your letterhead or logo/standard headers and footers to identify your council
  2. ensure you have the proper information available
  3. be specific when evaluating each decision
  4. remove the instructions in red text before publishing or sharing.

Where should the decision tree be available?

This tool should be available on the council’s website for applicants to access. It should also be readily accessible for planning and admin staff to refer to and share with applicants.

Tips to get the most out of this tool

For this tool to be most effective at your council, we recommend:

  • make a customised version of this tool available to planners and applicants
  • ensure the tool is well understood by the planning and admin staff
  • circulate the tool amongst applicants – applicants must be confident using it
  • store a copy where it can be easily located

Having an easily accessible, clear record of the decisions tree will reduce misunderstandings later in the process.

Page last updated: 10/01/24