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What is this template for?

The charter is a guide for all involved in internal referrals to facilitate high quality and efficient referrals, as well as inter-departmental knowledge sharing and continuous improvement for the application process.

The charter includes referral principles, processes and prompts to include instructions on specific software and document management. This template should be used to support the service level agreement template.

Instructions for use

The template can be customised to meet your council’s internal referrals system, including the specific software and document management system that is used.

Updating text on the template

The template sets out standard principles for internal referrals and should be updated to reflect specific principles in your council. You will also be prompted to fill in details of software, communications preferences and file management, as this will be specific to each council.

You should also add your letterhead or logo/standard headers and footers to identify your council

Where should the template be available

This template is an internal facing document intended to inform and guide relevant staff. The charter should be saved within council’s internal systems, in an easily accessible location for staff to find and refer to.

Tips to get the most out of this template

For this template to be most effective at your council, we recommend:

  • customising the tool to reflect the accurate internal referrals principles and processes in your council
  • ensure the charter and its contents are understood by planning, admin and relevant internal referral staff
  • store a copy of the tool where it can be easily located by council staff.

Having an internal referrals charter with a formally documented process will help staff facilitate high quality, consistent referrals.

Page last updated: 24/08/23