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The Urban Development Program (UDP) identifies land as it is transformed from paddocks (englobo land) to lots for homes (titled lots).

Greenfield land

Residential greenfield land is former rural land on the fringe of the existing urban area that is typically developed for detached houses. The availability of englobo land acts as a stock of future residential lots.

As of June 2023, Geelong’s greenfield land has the capacity to produce around 59,120 residential lots. These lots are at different stages of development:

  • 5,173 proposed greenfield lots in the process of being subdivided.
  • 11,340 lots from englobo land – zoned for residential use.
  • 42,607 lots from unzoned englobo land – requires strategic planning or rezoning.

In the 12 months to June 2023, there were 2,624 greenfield lots titled across the growth areas, more than the 1,677 lots titled in the previous financial year.

Major residential infill

Major infill are residential sites that are parcels of land in previously developed areas, over 1 hectare and expected to yield 10 or more residential lots. There were enough potential major residential infill sites for an estimated 1,214 residential lots.

Estimated lot supply, June 2023

AreaUnzonedZonedProposedTotal Supply
North Western Growth Area 7,000 0 0 7,000
Northern Growth Area 9,000 0 0 9,000
West Growth Area 0 8,839 1,462 10,301
Western Growth Area 14,000 0 0 14,000
Brown Hill 0 608 79 687
Miners Rest 0 0 61 61
Remainder 0 80 17 97
Greenfield Total30,0009,5271,61941,146
Major infill 0 1,002 212 1,214

Greenfield lots with a title

A titled lot is serviced by core infrastructure such as roads, water, drainage, and electricity so a dwelling can be built. Since 2015 an average of 1,767 lots have been titled per year, the majority of these in Armstrong and Marshall.

Titled greenfield lots

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Size of greenfield lots

The size of greenfield lots can change estimates of future supply. The proportion of larger lots greater than 500 m2 has declined since 2018. Since 2015 lots between 300 to 499 m2 have consistently been the most common lot size. The decrease in titled lot size informs the UDP’s estimate of the number of residential lots which can be produced from future greenfield land. This indicates that growth areas may have increased capacity to accommodate residential development than previous estimates.

Percentage of titled greenfield lots by size

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Years of greenfield residential supply remaining

Years of Greenfield supply remaining is a calculation of the total estimated stock of lots divided by the average number of lots being titled per year. These estimates of the number of years of supply are based on the average rate of lots released over a longer-term time period (between January 2015 and June 2023) and a shorter-term time period (between January 2021 and June 2023).

Lots titled per yearZoned lot supplyZoned years of supplyZoned and unzoned lot supplyZoned and unzoned years of supply
Short term 1,507 11,146 7 41,146 27
Long term  1,053 11,146 10 41,146 39

Major infill is not included in the calculation of greenfield years of supply.

This estimate is a guide to future consumption of residential land. Future estimates will change as land is consumed, but also as the expectations for density and or built form in the greenfield areas evolves over time.

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