These guidelines set out the detail of processes and requirements associated with the referral and assessment of projects, via an Environment Effects Statement, under the Act.

Suburban Rail Loop Ministerial Guidelines for Assessment of Environmental Effects (PDF, 573.7 KB) apply to works proposed as part of the Suburban Rail Loop. Please see frequently asked questions (PDF, 152.7 KB) for more information about these guidelines.

An Amendment to the Ministerial Guidelines for assessment of environmental effects (DOCX, 20.4 KB) was made on 30 September 2012. The one-page amendment is also recognised by the Victorian protocol made under the National Partnership Agreement on Coal Seam Gas and Large-scale Coal Mining (DOCX, 20.0 KB).

Project Proposal Guidelines under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 (PDF, 41.8 KB) provides guidance on the form and content of project proposals that are required to be prepared by project proponents for declared projects.

Advisory Notes

EES Advisory Notes provide expanded technical guidance on existing aspects of the EES process set out in Ministerial guidelines and the Environment Effects Act 1978.

It's advised to read the Advisory Notes in conjunction with the Ministerial guidelines and specific EES scoping requirements issued by the Minister for each project.

DELWP Impact Assessment Unit prepares Advisory Notes, in response to emerging issues and stakeholder feedback, to improve understanding and clarity on facets of impact assessment and the EES process in the Ministerial guidelines with the objective of improving EES practice.

EES Peer Review and Quality Assurance

Outlines the difference between quality assurance and peer review and explains the role and expectations for the engagement of peer reviewers to support the Environment Effects Statement Process

Preparing an EES Consultation Plan

Outlines how a Consultation Plan should be prepared to support the Environment Effects Statement process.

Proponent EES Commencement and Scoping

This advisory note is for proponents ready to commence the Environment Effects Statement process.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and the Environment Effects Process

Outlines when and how a Cultural Heritage Management Plan should be prepared in conjunction with the Environment Effects Statement process. This Advisory Note is currently in the process of being updated and will be made available once it has been finalised.

EES Risk and Impact Assessment

Outlines the use of impact assessment and risk assessment in environment effects statements.

Application forms

Referrals should contain the information outlined on pages 8-9 of the Ministerial Guidelines. This proforma helps proponents cover those matters and should be submitted to inform the decision on whether an EES is required.

Process summaries

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