The Subordinate Legislation Act 1994 provides that all regulations have a sunset (or expiry) date, which is generally 10 years from the date on which the regulations are made. This provision is intended to ensure that regulations are regularly reviewed to remain efficient and effective.

Before remaking regulations, the responsible Minister is required to ensure that consultation occurs with affected parties, and that the impacts of the regulations on individuals or groups are adequately assessed.

Building Regulations 2006

The Building Regulations 2006 were scheduled to expire in June 2016.

In February 2016 the Subordinate Legislation (Building Regulations 2006) Extension Regulations 2016 were made, to extend the operation of the Building Regulations 2006 until 5 June 2017.

The extension regulations have been made to allow consideration of revised regulatory requirements in the context of new legislative provisions that have been introduced through the Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2016.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning is currently undertaking an evaluation of how well the regulations are working, and identifying potential areas for change. This includes considering the need to remake, amend or revoke existing regulations.

Evidence collection and analysis has been undertaken to inform policy options and proposed regulations. This has been informed by stakeholder feedback from preliminary consultation, and performance data held by the Victorian Building Authority.

A formal economic cost benefit analysis will be undertaken and a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) prepared for public release in early 2017.

Plumbing Regulations Sunset Review

The Plumbing Regulations 2008 will expire in November 2018. The Department is in the process of reviewing the current regulations and will develop options for new regulations to replace them. This work will be undertaken with the support of Victoria’s plumbing regulator, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). The VBA will assist with targeted engagement with stakeholders and provide valuable input and insight as the regulator.

New regulations will be made following the preparation of and public consultation on a Regulatory Impact Statement and draft regulations.

This review will focus principally on matters that can be addressed via the regulations. The scope of matters that may be prescribed in regulations is outlined in sections 221ZZZV and 262 of the Building Act 1993.

Public consultation

Stakeholders and the community are invited to make submissions on the operation and effectiveness of the current regulations. Feedback will inform the Plumbing Regulations Sunset Review project and the creation of new regulations.

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