Amendment VC197

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment VC197.

Amendment VC197 delivers permanent planning protections for the Yarra River between Richmond and Warrandyte. These controls implement strategic planning studies and provide a consistent, strengthened planning policy and control framework to protect the Yarra River from inappropriate development.

Amendment VC197 updates and makes permanent interim planning controls introduced by Amendment GC48 in 2017. The updated controls followed consultation with councils and Melbourne Water.

Yarra River Planning Controls

The controls implemented by Amendment VC197 are very similar to those which have been in effect since 2017.

Policy neutral updates make the controls clearer and more user friendly. Resources released in 2017, including the Planning Advisory Note 65 and the Municipal Toolkit documents, remain relevant for purposes of understanding the strategic policy basis of the controls.

These resources explain the landscape assessment approach which has informed the design and application of mandatory and discretionary height, setback and overshadowing requirements. Opportunities for new and expanded planning controls for the Yarra River up reach of Warrandyte are being explored through the forthcoming Yarra Strategic Plan and subsequent processes.

Page last updated: 20/04/21