Clause 52.20 of all planning schemes is a particular provision for projects delivered through Victoria’s Big Housing Build. The table below is a list of all approval decisions registered under Clause 52.20 of Victoria’s Big Housing Build.

All applications have been funded either wholly or partly under the Victoria’s Big Housing Build program. They have undergone extensive consultation with the local council and community. These approvals exempt any requirement of the planning scheme to obtain a planning permit, except for Clauses:

  • 44.06
  • 45.03
  • 45.07
  • 45.08
  • 51.03
  • 52.02
  • or in any schedule to those clauses

The approvals also allow for construction to proceed in accordance with the endorsed approval documents.

Decisions registered under Clause 52.20
Permit Application NumberAddressMunicipalityDescription Social Housing DwellingsDwellings Date of Determination

147 - 161 Elizabeth Street, North Richmond

YarraDevelopment of 144 dwellings across two (2) 4-8 storey buildings comprising 72 of the dwellings will be for social housing (Building 1), and 72 dwellings will be for affordable housing (Building 2).727214/09/2022


2-20 Tarakan Street, Heidelberg West Banyule Redevelopment of Tarakan in Heidelberg West for Social and private affordable dwellings on behalf of the Director of Housing 67 103 1/07/2021
VPP2101334 1-12 Bills Street, Hawthorn Boroondara Development of six (6) apartment buildings 103 206 5/11/2021
VPP2101428 56 McKenzie Street West, Golden Square Greater Bendigo Development of thirty-five (35) one bedroom dwellings arranged in a series of single storey attached dwellings and two storey apartments 35 35 1/12/2021
VPP2101410 1-5 McKenzie Street, Belmont Greater Geelong Development of two (2) double storey apartment buildings 29 29 9/12/2021
PA2101349 Flemington Estate (Stage 1B), Flemington Moonee Valley Development of land for a multi-storey apartment development, assessed under Clause 52.20 22 148 9/12/2021
VPP2101437 60 Hopetoun Road, Warrnambool Warrnambool Development of eight (8) double storey dwellings, each with one car space. 8 8 14/12/2021
VPP2101434 408-410 Burwood Highway, Vermont Whitehorse Development of a five (5) storey building comprising 34 apartments with a basement car park 34 34 17/12/2021
VPP2101467 59 Bellnore Drive, Norelane Geelong Construction of two (2) new single-storey social housing dwellings. The Dwellings will accommodate tenants of AHV 2 2 22/12/2021
PA2101461 6 Gillie Crescent, Morwell Latrobe Valley Construction of two (2) dwellings on a lot 2 2 22/12/2021
VPP2101451 3 The Avenue, Ferntree Gully Knox Development of land for ten (10) dwellings and community care accommodation 10 15 23/12/2021
PA2101463 102 Cantebury Street, Brown Hill Ballarat Construction of two (2) dwellings on the lot 2 2 23/12/2021
VPP2101460 11-13 West Esplande, St Albans Brimbank Development of a five (5) storey building, compromising 53 dwellings, with a basement car park 53 53 24/12/2021
VPP2101445 37 Willis Street, Winchelsea Surf Coast Development of twelve (12) new single and double storey dwellings 12 12 24/12/2021
VPP2101450 19 Pakenham Road, Pakenham Cardinia Development of twenty (20) double-storey dwellings 20 20 29/12/2021
VPP2101462 164 Mary  Street, Morwell Latrobe Development of two (2) single storey dwellings 2 2 25/01/2022
VPP2101483 4 Woods Street, Portland Glenelg Devleopment of two (2) single storey dwellings 2 2 27/01/2022
VPP2101473 230 Banksia Street, Bellfield Banyule Four (4) storey building (plus basement) comprising 58 social housing dwellings. 58 58 4/02/2022
VPP2101455 21 – 25 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale Moreland Construction of a four (4) storey, development, plus 2 basement levels comprising 70 apartments. 70 70 7/02/2022


23-29 Ballarat Road, Hamilton Southern Grampians 52.20 - Development of seventeen (17) detached and semi-detached dwellings of single and double-storey scale across the site. 17 17 9/02/2022
VPP2101478 68-78 Summerhill Road, West Footscray Maribyrnong Consent under Clause 52.20 for the use and development of the land for a three (3) storey apartment building funded under Victoria’s Big Housing Build program and carried out on behalf of the Director of Housing 49 49 10/02/2022
VPP2201487 245 Edgar Street, Portland Glenelg Shire Consent under Clause 52.20 for the use and development of the land 31 social housing dwellings funded under Victoria’s Big Housing Build program and carried out on behalf of the Director of Housing 31 31 11/02/2022
VPP2201491 21 McMillan Street, Hamilton Southern Grampians Consent under Clause 52.20 to construct seven (7) dwellings. 7 7 11/02/2022
VPP2101464  A 21 Corpernicus Way, Keilor Downs Brimbank Construction of forty seven (47) new social housing dwellings, split over four different building types. 47 47 15/02/2022
VPP2101466 8 Edgan Street, Carnegie Glen Eira Construction of ten (10) storey mixed use development comprising affordable community housing, and a reduction of the car parking requirements. 99 106 17/02/2022
VPP2101482 52-60 Townhall Avenue, Preston Darebin Development of a six (6) storey apartment building comprising 39 apartments. 39 39 22/02/2022
VPP2201485 217 Hurd Street, Portland Glenelg Construction of twenty (20) single story apartments and 23 car spaces. 20 20 23/02/2022
VPP2101474 3-15 Shiel Street, North Melbourne Melbourne Construction of a ten (10) storey building (nine storeys above street level) comprising 78 social housing dwellings. 78 78 10/03/2022
VPP220157080 Camperdown- Cobden Road, CamperdownCorangamtieConstruction of thirteen (13) single storey dwellings within the western portion of the broader site.131313/04/2022
VPP220154251 Pinetree Crescent, LalorWhittleseaDevelopment of 45 (45) new dwellings with a mixture of dwelling types include one, two and four bedroom options delivered via four different dwelling layouts.454519/04/2022
VPP2201562240 Wellington Street, CollingwoodYarraConstruction of two buildings with a maximum height of eight (8) storeys providing a total of one hundred and fifty two (152) dwellings, compromised of  seventy-three (73) social housing dwellings and seventy-nine (79) affordable housing  dwellings. 7315220/05/2022
VPP22016172263-2267 Dandenong Road, MulgraveMonashConstruction of a four (4) storey residential development comprising 72 apartments and 9 townhouses (3x double-storey, 6x three-storey) and associated front fencing and landscaping.738221/06/2022
VPP220165313 Hance Street, Yarraville Maribyrnong

Construction of a three-storey residential development comprising 16 dwellings.


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