Natural justice for all participants and transparency are important parts of the Panel process. In meeting its legislative requirements, the Panel may do the following with your submission:

  • Provide a copy of your submission with all contact details to the Proponent, Local Council, Government Agencies and other parties to the Hearing
  • Provide a copy of your submission to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning if needed for preparing Ministerial briefings
  • Display a copy of your submission in the Planning Panels Victoria Office or Hearing room.
  • Display a copy of your submission in the relevant Local Council Office or Regional Government Office as appropriate

The Panel does not propose to display your full submission on a website unless this is necessary and you have given your consent.  However, your name and other personal information may be published on the internet as detailed below.

Publication of your personal information on the internet

A Panel Report will be published on the internet and may include:

  • Each submitter’s name
  • Direct quotes from submissions
  • Submitter addresses, if required.

Please note that even when your personal information is removed from the internet, it may remain on external servers indefinitely.

After the Panel has reported

When the Panel has reported to the Planning Authority, your submission will be removed from public display.

Your original submission and any additional material provided will be held at Planning Panels Victoria for two years and then sent to the Public Record Office Victoria. All additional copies of the submission and other material held by

Planning Panels Victoria will be securely destroyed.

If you have any concerns in respect to the way your submission will be used please contact Planning Panels Victoria on (03) 8392 6384.

Page last updated: 09/06/2017