The Safer Design Guidelines for Victoria facilitate the planning and design of safer urban environments for all Victorian communities.

The guidelines have been developed to help planners and designers apply design principles that will improve the safety of the built environment, minimise the opportunity for crime, and promote safe, accessible and liveable places.

Well designed and maintained urban environments are essential for improved safety in the community. Good design can also reduce many of the safety related costs currently borne by the community.

The Safer Design Guidelines aim to:

  • increase community usage of public places, in the daytime and evening.
  • achieve connection and integration of streets and public places.
  • reduce opportunities for crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • improve the quality of life for the community by improving perceptions of public places.
  • create more liveable and sustainable environments.

The Safer Design Guidelines are listed under the ‘policy guidelines’ in the State Planning Policy Framework of the Victorian Planning Provisions (Clauses 11.01-2, 15.01-2 and 15.01-4), and must be considered in planning decisions. Planning and responsible authorities must have regard to the guidelines when assessing the design and built form of new development.  

You can read the guidelines here: