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Individuality on a large scale

Category Estate Development  |  Project  Williamstown Junction, Newport  |  Designers  Millar Merrigan, Planners & Engineers


The project transformed an unused railway siding alongside Melbourne Road, Newport into an upmarket development with 200 private dwellings and new parkland.


To match neighbourhood character and the perceived market demand, the decision was made to subdivide into individual house lots (albeit at a higher than normal density) rather than larger developer packages. Additionally the site suffers serious drainage problems.


To allow a higher density in individual housing, smaller lot sizes were programmed. This required removing garages from the narrower frontages by providing rear laneway access. These laneways are less activated than might be desirable, though studio spaces above the laneway garages are encouraged. Another  requirement was for design guidelines, both to align the terraced building envelopes and to restrict overly pastiche design details. Drainage problems were alleviated by designing the parkland as emergency retaining basins.


This development shows that individual house design is not incompatible with medium density, row-type housing and in fact can provide a more "real" visual outcome. It also trials innovative ways of dealing with rear garaging and stormwater control within parkland.

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Fact Sheet - Williamstown Junction, Newport (PDF, 560.0 KB)
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