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A neighbourhood character

Category  Infill Development  |  Project  Westgarth Street, Fairfield  |  Architect  Walter Welst and Associates


This pair of dwellings sits near a busy intersection, on a narrow site bounded by a converted shopfront dwelling and a timber cottage. The surrounding area is characterised by a fine grain of subdivision, and low rise attached and detached housing from predominantly the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.


This project had to make efficient use of a tight site, and respond to different neighbouring conditions in terms of form and materials whilst maintaining amenity and creating character.


With a two-storey brick spine built hard against the blank boundary wall of the adjoining shopfront residence, these two dwellings are set back from the adjacent cottage, presenting an interesting side elevation that is broken up into a mix of timber 'tower' elements, raking back over their two storey height, and recessed courtyard areas. This approach scales down the building by breaking it up into smaller volumes, adding detail and interest, and also provides an external courtyard 'room' at the heart of each dwelling in the development.


A highly contextual design response and respect for neighbouring properties can be the generator of spatially interesting dwellings with good amenity.

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Fact Sheet - Westgarth Street, Fairfield ((PDF, 728.8 KB))
Fact Sheet - Westgarth Street, Fairfield accessible version ((DOC, 24.0 KB))

Westgarth Street-Fairfield